Land Of Dreams



Maybe not now maybe not today 
My soul is going somewhere 
And i can’t wait to see this time
I want to go where i won’t try cause things aren’t the same
It’s taking me to land of my dreams There were every word i’ve never said is written in white by the clouds 
My heart begins to bloom
As i’m waking through 
And every view shows its bright side
My dreams are colored in rose
Just like the dress i wear 
There were i’ll be the queen of my world 
and everything i thought it was right 
And turned out to be void 
Not gonna exist any more 
And if i wanted to share 
Will you be there 
cause in blink of an eye you become old
We will go to the bridge that i built 
That will lead us where we forget that we even exist
But it has been a while
And the bridge become so fragile
If i step on it i’ll be sure Falling 
It will take me down to my room 
Where i’ll admit that this is all from my imagination
I don’t want to step on it now
Maybe not now maybe not today
maybe never 
I just want to be trapped there forever




If you don’t have the chance to a millionaire 
Or a famous actor 
Or that someday you’ll sing a song and everyone gonna listen 
And you become a famous singer 
And if you have nothing but normality
And you go around and try million things
And then you return to find yourself living in 
So why don’t we try to make normality not normal
There is always gonna be a spark 
And that beam of hope that will light your life 
But if you only see the dark
You have to open your eyes 
To see the colors 
We are living for discovering and wondering 
And if we are running out of chances 
We mustn’t run out of hope
That one day some one gonna see specialty in our normality 

Photo by me at 8:30 AM

What if ?

Right now i’m doing something i love
I really enjoy it and get exited about it
and i dream that it could be better and bigger
Even that i don’t see any sign of it getting better
But i just have a hope and i love this idea
Because it simply makes me exited and i haven’t felt that in a long time
But when “what if” hits me
I feel like everything is shattering
Everything is breaking down in front of me
What if what i’m doing right now is a waste of time
What if i’m missing out on something that is better
Something could compeltly change my life
What if when i get older i don’t be proud of myself and of what did when i had the time
and when i was younger
but this time i’m gonna fight those what ifs
I’m not gonna stop like i did before
I have hope
And this time it’s stronger than ever

the photo was taken in a random day



At this time everything stopped moving 
Like All the city is sleeping
And silence surrounds me
And i get excited that i can hear the beats of heart



at this time It’s just me
Sitting on the floor starring at the ceilling
but it’s not what you think
It doesn’t have the normal painting
It’s painted vielot and blue
The color of the sky at midnight
There’s something glowy in it that makes me prefer watching them instead of sleeping
There were i found myself as safe as ever
And all i do is wondering
Like you do too
You don’t know what is this called
But i like to call us

the photo was taken at 9:00 AM




I was going nowhere
like everyday
i was thinking about my purpose
thinking about the things i know
and the things that is left for me to know
thinking about the dream i had last night
it was beautiful and strange
i was just thinking
that dream reminded me that i still have a reason to my  existence
so many reasons
but sometimes i forget about them
they just become drifted in the horizon
and i forget about the things that once made me feel special
but it’s nice to remember and it’s nice to feel this way
it’s nice to feel
like i’m me again

The Center Of The Universe

The center 
Have you ever wondered where’s the center of the universe 
Cause there have to be one 
There is all a lot of shining stars , planets and many other galaxies
But .. of course there’s some point that is different 
But what i have figured out the fact that there’s no center
According to the expansion theory there’s no center
It’s the same everywhere
So every star or any other shiny point is a center

Close your eyes .. Feel like you are up in the sky now you’re in space 


Outer Space

Do see this shiny star this one is the center of the universe and every other point is orbiting around it
And that star and that one too
Let me remind you of something
you are a part of this universe
So you are the center of the universe
Yes you are the special point
And everyone is orbiting around you
So you don’t have to feel down anymore
You just have to do what you have to do
Just shine and give the light to all the other points
Cause you are special
You are the center of the universe

A picture with a song



I took this picture on my way home from college 
I was putting my headphones listening to paper houses by niall horan feeling the wind on my face and enjoying the cold air and i felt like taking a photo so i took this one .

There is a window in my room that led me to the a view i have never seen before there was flight of doves that were Flying back and forth among the clouds and i’m glad that i manged to depict two of them .


Watching the sunset


Like drops of the rain 
I watched your tears fall down
You tried to leave before the sadness takes you in
You heard the sound of the thunder
It scared you but the sound of my speechless voice
Scared you even more 
And i watched your steps 
Heading the door
That has closed on everything we used to know
I watched your face 
Like watching the sun does
Everyday at the sunset


This time i went to abandoned place
Filled with ashes of papers 
I once used to draw my dreams
But the shadows of my thoughts
They always pull me to the same endless unanswered questions And match the strings of my loneliness
I always think that i’m never good enough 
at anything
I always think that there’s someone
better than me
Prettier than me 
Loved more than me 
I think i think too much
But those thoughts trapped me
won’t leave me
won’t set me free
And i can’t describe the feeling 
my soul is tired of trying to understand it
And i end up leaving every hope without negotiation 
I always hesitate and doubt myself 
and my abilities 
I always search for validation 
And i can’t remember how many times i turned my face
and ran away instead of saying something or doing something
Because i just think that nobody gonna listen and nobody gonna care
And suddely those thoughts become fears
I became afraid of everything 
Of tomorrow 
of people looks and even myself
to how long i’ll be afraid of what people gonna say
to how long i’ll be behind the close doors 
to how long i’ll step back instead of moving forward
to how long those thoughts won’t set me free

Was it illusion ?

I still remember the first time
You were sitting alone .. Putting your headphones
Your head was down .. Your eyes Were closed
Then you turned your head up and i saw your face
it was red like a strawberry juice
That i don’t like .. But i liked staring at yours
There was noise .. But all i felt was silence
Like i was drawning in your world that’s full of melodies
within seconds he was surrounded by alot of people
I told myself he is so popular he is not gonna notice me , are you ?
Days passed .. and weeks after and i’m still waiting for a thing i believed it will never happen .
Then at a random day i get call from someone telling me they chose a song that i wrote and they wanted me to watch them rehearsing it
*There is band at my school and they wanted new ideas for their songs .. I love writting so i send them one of mine *
I got there then i saw  ..  it was him yeah it’s him
is he new to the band ? He’s playing the guitar ?
They were playing my song but i didn’t hear a word
I was just watching him playing the guitar
after they finished he came to me and said : “Your song is beautiful .. And you are too … Like the first day i saw you ”
I wanted to say million words but what all said was “You’ve seen me before”
“Yeah … I saw you the first day of school ”
I couldn’t speak i just ran away with a smile
The day came and as time get close i get more nervous i can’t to see him playing again
But everything was different .. everything changed
Like it’s new place i haven’t been before
And i searched for him in every single corner
But i didn’t find him
Was i dreaming  .. I thought it was you
Or it just your shadows that kept following me wherever i go
And then i was trapped by flashbacks of your empty smiles and things you never said to me
Was everything an illusion  .. I lived in an illusion
I thought this time it was real
But i can’t face the fact that i never left my room and i was just writing about you … Again


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