When i was going no where i saw something.

I spend all my time wondering what is it like to be someone else .. get in their lives behave like them .. Have their experiences ..just be them
I know i don’t have alot of experiences
But i do have a few ones .. And i like them
They are pretty funny
Like that guy i saw i saw 2 days ago
He was inside his car not just cleaning it
But the music was really loud he was singing and almost dancing with the piece of cloth he used to clean the car ..
I was walking by then i stopped and kept watching his moves
Propably he noticed me and he could tell that i really enjoyed what my eyes just saw
But he kept doing what he was doing  ..like nobody is watching .. Like nobody really mattered to him he was tottally free
As i kept walking i wondered when i will be that free .. Free of my own thoughts .. Of myself .. Forget everything that once made my cry and what made laugh too .. Just forget  .. And go out of that world i created but i never know it .. It was colorful and brighter at the begging but if i could only know it will get that dark i’d never continue
But one day i’ll go and leave it and risk it
Yea i’ll risk it all ..  i’ll do what ever i wanted to do
I’ll climb the mountin it’s never gonna be easy but at least i know when i reach the summit
I’ll be free enough to .. Fly


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