I could use a song

Once i worked so hard on something i doubted myself to do but i told myself
” i can use all the power the can be inside me to make it real ”
Then it happened and i remember it felt like i made the highset score that it ever been
But back at this time that i couldn’t roll my eyes at my phone
I simply searched for all the numbers .. I wanted to tell everyone but i ended telling no one
And suddenly smile that was drawn on face is earased .. And my tear fell one i felt on my hand and another one opened a number i tried to avoid
Not just because it was the only person i used to talk to and everything had a meaning after they know about it
and it seems that they choose the fancy glowing smiles over the little cute ones which mine was one of them ..
They say that my life is simple and normal and any tiny thing could make brighter and glowy
From those words i thought they liked me and my little bubble .. But apparently they didn’t
But i wish i could only know .. I could use a line from a song we both love .. A movie we watched together .. A picture of us laughing and looking silly
Won’t work ? .. well i could’ve thought of something stronger .. That can make you to stay a little longer
If i could only see .. Just a Peak behind a curtain to prepare myself for the wind and rain
to prepare myself for the pain
And for the moment i’d feel that much alone and broken  when i’m supposed to be smiling and happy
And that all hit me when i close my eyes because a flash of light  made me to
and when i lift my lids to let my eyes enjoy how pretty they look while taking pictures
And the echo of their laughing can reach me  like a melody of a song that brings me a thousands memories
But they made me ask myself
How did they make it work in a world that for me .. It seems like everything went worng


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