Parallel Universes

There’ s alot of people i see everyday but always my eyes catch one to stare at for the rest of the day
There are hundreds of blue eyes but you made me choose the brown ones to like
Some would like the blue the color of the sky and the ocean
but i think brown is special cause it’s not like any brown It’s your brown
Cause the first time they ever catch me i was already failing for them
And when you show up at the door i like to begin my countdown
when they’re 10 steps away from me i can see the stars the shine and light our galaxy
And as they get closer i can’t help but get lost in them
Their bright got me blind with no mercy
It just only you i can see but what those eyes see for me that’s the biggest Mystery
I don’t need science to remind me of the theory of parallel universes
Cause i always think about how it would be if you and me were in another world
Well maybe we share things together
We like the type of music the same the type of movies
Maybe we think differently and we see things differently
Or maybe i still be me and you still be you
But we share our little world together
But if that didn’t work it’s okay will meet in another world
And i don’t care if there’s infinty number of worlds cause i would only chose the one you live in
And if that is not even real and there’s no way to find portal to get into another world
Will you find one to get into mine ?


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