Unknown Syndrome

I just wanna close the windows not because i don’t wanna see the light
Cause the gray shadows are rising from my heart straight to my eyes and made me blind
I just  don’t want to hear any sound or feel the cold air that will remind me that i still have this life
I just wanna sit in my room
listen to unknown record
And feel the tears on my face
i wish i could know what is this called
But i’ll call it the unknown syndrome
Cause it comes to me at unknown time and place
And i have to wait until its visit ends
And every time it comes with its shadow of my fears and sadness
and keeps orbiting around till i’m dizzy enough to fall a sleep
And worst thing about this syndrome is how lonely i feel
Not because i can’t find anyone to understand me
I actually can’t find anybody .. I’m so far from people so far that they can’t see me like i’m hundred miles away from earth
There Behind the moon people can see light but can’t see me
And i can see the light even when my eyes are closed but i can’t feel me
And all i can say to myself it’s okay it can’t get any deeper and one day the shadows gonna leave
and when i wake up the next day and they tell me that they can’t find  my spark
I just smile with no answer because i’m busy
finding an answer to another question
Why i become spiritless ?


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